Dear Sir and Brother,

It is my honor, as Worshipful Master of Dílo Lodge No. 2 in Orient Prague, to cordially invite you, on behalf of the Brothers Wardens and the other Brothers of Dílo Lodge, to celebrate our momentous Jubilee in the form of a Festive Ritual Work.

The event is to be held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the our Lodge. Dílo Lodge No. 2 was founded on November 5, 1920 in Prague and three years later it became one of the founding lodges of the National Grand Lodge of Czechoslovakia. Among its founding fathers and members were outstanding public figures, distinguished university professors as well as ministers, high ranking public officials and prominent businessmen of that time in Czechoslovakia.

100 years is a long time. The postponement of the celebrations, which was forced by Covid, has caused our jubilee to exceed one century. A duration of more than 100 years is a duration beyond human life, beyond the normal perception of time and life. It is a symbol of continuity and timelessness, and in a sense, immortality. The immortality of symbolism, tradition and fraternity.
Back then – in 2020 – we were experiencing significant limitations on life and liberty that caused many of us to fear. Sadly, even today, as you read these lines, the world is turning away from harmony and we are once again looking to the future with apprehension in anticipation of events to come. We wish that our coming together to celebrate our anniversary would bring us all, at least for a time, moments of peace, simple human harmony and the joy of life.

The whole celebration will take place in Prague on April 13, 2024. The event is deliberately being organized over a weekend – with the proposal
to arrange accommodation from April 11 and departure on April 14, to give our distinguished guests from abroad a chance to do some sight-seeing and relax in Prague. The Ritual Work will be followed by a superb Festive Board, to which we will be honored to invite our ladies.

We trust that through a worthy celebration of this distinguished anniversary of our Lodge and the whole Constitution, with the presence
of Brethren from other local and foreign Lodges, we will strengthen the spirit of the fraternity, build long-lasting fraternal relationships and further develop the rich tradition of our Dílo Lodge.

We would be honored if your Lodge would accept our invitation and thus expand the ranks of those brothers who, in Prague – the symbolic heart
of Europe – will forget, at least for a weekend, the problems of the contemporary world.
We will be happy to send all the information about registration for the celebration as well as the program to the brothers, email: for info.

We would be delighted to see you in Prague!

With Sincere and Fraternal Greetings,

Worshipful Master, Dílo Lodge